• Bogdan Panchenko and Ivan Kukarskih – Founders (shot by Glen Ballis)

    With a shared international background and a true ambition to excel in the food and beverage sphere, Ivan and Bogdan struck up a synergetic partnership from day one. In 2013, Ivan founded BB Burgers, which has quickly become one of the most successful burger restaurant chains in Russia. Meanwhile, Bogdan was having his own success becoming a key supplier to the nation’s capital, providing fresh vegetables and fruit from all over Russia.
  • Margarita Vasilieva – Head manager

    Started her career in the restaurant business in 2014 as a waiter at Coffeemania. Inspired by travel and work with guests, she continued her journey as a manager. Graduated from the "Enotria" wine school and became a sommelier. She headed "Margarita Bistro" restaurant and “Koji” as a head manager and sommelier. She believes that the main thing is a smile, and also loving what you’re doing.
  • Sergey Andreychenko – Chef

    He lived for 12 years in France, worked in Israel, Mexico, Turkey and Poland, where he learning the entire system of gastronomy. After moving to Moscow, he took the position of sous-chef at the Community, and later headed the kitchen at the Montifiori at Patriarch's Ponds. In 2019 he became the chef of the Sartoria Lamberti restaurant on the 1st floor of The Ritz-Carlton hotel.
  • Anton Zhukov - Sommelier

    He entered the restaurant business at the age of 18. That is like a new world has opened up with many interesting people and professions. This started the desire to study wines. Realizing that he needed to expand his knowledge, he entered Enotria, after which he began to work as a sommelier. In parallel with his main activity, he began to attend various seminars, trainings and blind tastings. He also received an international certificate from the British school Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 3 Aword in Wines, studied at the wine academy in Portugal. Sommelier is not just a profession, it is a lifestyle and philosophy.
  • Danil Sidorenko – Bar manager

    He began his career in 2016 in Krasnoyarsk. Participated in the Diageo Reserve World Class competitions, reached the final of the WCC FinFusion competition in 2017-2018. In 2021 he moved to Moscow and became part of the Lucky Group. Started as a bartender at the Loro restaurant and later became a bar manager at the 345 restaurant. He loves traveling, snowboarding and longboarding.
  • Ekaterina Khrokina - Training Director

    She began her career in the restaurant business as a waiter's assistant at the age of 18. She graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, the school of wine "Enotria" and later, advancing in her career in restaurants in managerial positions, she received the education of a business coach. Created the LUCKY SKILLS school in 2019 from scratch, when the company had only 2 restaurants.